Case Study – Data Protection & GDPR Training


GDPR and Data Protection Training


Wirral Council is the local authority of the Metropolitan Borough of Wirral in Merseyside and they are responsible for providing a number of local services for both residential and commercial entities. As Wirral Council collects, uses, stores and destroys personal data, it is a must that they comply with GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018.


After being audited by the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) previously and with the new Data Protection Act coming into force in 2018, It was vitally important that Wirral Council were not at risk of breaching the new Act and were practicing good data compliance across the organisation. Crucially, the Council needed to ensure that if there were any subject access request were received, staff members knew exactly what they needed to do to comply.

Having used a variety of training providers in the past, Wirral Council wanted something different, and having spent a lot of time researching different companies online, Wirral Council decided to use Griffin House Consultancy because of their informative website, knowledgeable course leaders, practical solutions and the wide range of testimonials featured on their website.


Due to the diverse nature of personnel at Wirral Council and the requirement that all staff be up to date with GDPR and data compliance, Griffin House Consultancy advised them that bespoke training courses and an e-learning option would work best in order to help Wirral Council achieve their data compliance goals.

What made Griffin House Consultancy a good match with Wirral Council was their ability to make a dry subject much more interesting. Wirral Council were delighted that the training courses kept the learners engaged, helped them fully understand the importance of data protection and offered them practical advice that was easy to remember and apply.

The Outcome

After being impressed by the initial training courses provided, Griffin House Consultancy are now one of Wirral Council’s ‘go-to’ experts on all matters data protection and GDPR related. While data compliance isn’t considered the most interesting topic, the feedback Wirral Council received from their employees was that the courses were knowledge packed but fun, and Griffin House Consultancy answered all their questions.

Jane Corrin of Wirral Council said:

“We needed data compliance trainers who were able to make a dry subject interesting and Mike and Paul do just that. They offer great customer service and are very personal, and their ability to adapt their training to different audiences went down really well with our senior team. Griffin House Consultancy are now currently in the process of developing us a bespoke e-learning package that will be able to keep our data protection governance knowledge up to date.”