Data Protection Compliance Audits

Data protection compliance audits

A Data Protection Audit will safeguard & future-proof your organisation

With the introduction of the new GDPR legislation in May 2018, many organisations will sadly find themselves on the wrong side of the Information Commissioner.

Our light-touch or forensic data protection auditing services are the ideal solutions to help you navigate through the compliance minefield.

We will:-

      1. Audit your entire organisation, or specific departments, looking to ensure:-
        • The data you hold is being processed lawfully and compliant,
          meaning your marketing and/or fundraising actives will be future-proofed
        • Your marketing activities comply with data protection and PECR (Privacy & Electronic Communications Regulations)
          meaning you avoid potentially substantial penalties (currently up to £500,000 rasing to €Millions in May 2018)
        • Your IT security is sufficiently robust to protect against a data-breach
          meaning you can rely on a due-diligence defence and reduce or mitigate/remove any sanctions or penalties
        • You understand your legal obligations, meaning you will know which are mandatory and what are advisory
        • Map your data-flows to identify any risks in processing or if unofficial copies of data/files are being kept; to ensure data is not being retained for excessive periods of time
        • Processes are in place to deal with Subject Access Request and objection to processing
        • Contracts and data sharing agreements are compliant to protect you in the event of a breach by a  sub-contractor, or claim of compensation by a data subject
        • Your staff are adequately trained
          guiding you on sufficient minimum training standards and how to keep accurate records to keep the Regulator onside
        • Websites, mobile Apps and use of social media are utilised in a safe manner
          This will
      2. Once the facts are ascertained, the auditor will identify risks and offer guidance on elimination or mitigation.Our auditors are commercially experienced and aware of the need to balance compliance and commercial pressures. They will give a range of options/solutions together with the associated risks.
      3. Produce a detailed audit report and executive summary
        Which you can use as a road-map towards full compliance

Audit report – facts, risks & mitigation = road-map to compliance

As part of the reporting stage we will always advise you of alternative solutions. For example, if we identify an opportunity for improvement in the area of training, we will advise you of the free resources on the ICO website, how we can assist you with our own supplementary training services and what is offered by our competitors.

Audits are product and service neutral, we will offer clear and honest guidance, and always have the best interests of our clients in mind during the whole process.

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