Data protection audit and risk assessment

relaxed data protection risk assessments

Light touch data protection audit and risk assessment

Our light touch data protection and compliance audits will swiftly identify vulnerabilities within your organisation, and importantly guide you on the action you need to take to overcome these shortfalls.

Although we label this service ‘light-touch’ it is not light-weight. Audits are comprehensive and thorough and designed to quickly identify areas of strength and weakness, areas which are compliant and those which offer opportunities for improvement. Audits are conducted with a positive ‘can-do’ mind-set, and we are not looking to find fault.

Our mission is to identify areas of best practice, and where you have not met that standard advise you how you can rectify the situation.

What one client said …

“… his audit report was extremely thorough and well prepared. But he doesn’t just leave you to it – his follow-up advice and support is really valuable”

An opportunity to spot the early warning signs of something more serious.

We all need a health-check now and again just to keep us fit and in tip-top condition. Maybe every decade we need a full head to toe examination, but inbetween a quick overview is sufficient.

Our light-touch audits are the equivalent of the annual chat with your GP, nothing invasive or painful, just a check-up to ensure everything is working as expected, but more importantly, an opportunity to spot the early warning signs of something more serious.


We can perform full-blown, in-depth and forensic Data Protection, Information Governance or Compliance Audits, but if you are just looking for a quick non-invasive and efficient light-touch audit, just to ensure you are on the right track, you know know who to talk to.

Once we understand your goals, we can spend a day with you visiting each department and quickly assess where the ‘red’ or ‘amber’ flags are. You can then address these issues internally, seek independent help, or ask us to assist you further.