IT Security Audit

I can remember when I was about 8 years old and my Dad brought home our first computer game. We sat with bated breath as he unpacked this incredibly advanced piece of technology. It was unlike anything we had ever seen, it had a bright orange case and two paddles with leads, one for each player.

The game in question was of course electronic tennis, and the paddles just went up and down and when the cursor, or ball as it was meant to represent hit the racket it went beep. That was it! but at the time it was incredible. Now, we have more technology in a smartphone than in the first computers which took up the size of a football pitch.old-tennis

In those days the biggest risk to our technology was the box getting knocked over by the dog, or in the excitement pulling the lead out. Now, with our increasing dependence on being connected to the web, it is a lottery when, not if we will be targeted by criminals.

Malware, trojon horses, viruses, scams, you take your pick. What is without doubt is that without robust and appropriate technical protection, your organisation is vulnerable to attack.

Simply saying, “I am not IT literate”, or “I leave that to my mate’s son”, will not cut the mustard.

Our specialty is Data Protection and Information Governance. We are pretty IT savvy, but not sufficiently knowledgeable or qualified to perform IT Security Audits, but as the saying goes, ‘we know a man (or lady) who can’.

We have formed some great strategic alliances with IT Security Specialists who can safeguard your IT environment and as a result your organisation.


Get in touch and we will be happy to put you in touch with Cyber Security Safe Guru’s who will do exactly what it say on the tin.

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