Data Protection Remote Support Plans

Imagine if your organisation had access to an In-house Data Protection and Compliance team, who you could contact at any time to ask for guidance, advice and reassurance.

Whether you are planning a new marketing campaign, reviewing existing policy documents, developing a new staff training strategy or have an actual breach in data security; consider the comfort that you would feel, knowing that you can discuss these situations with experienced, knowledgeable and approachable compliance specialists who are ready and waiting to support you.

Access to In-house professionals with none of the overheads

A dedicated In-house data protection and compliance professional is the perfect solution for every organisation serious about data privacy, cyber-security and information governance; but sadly many organisations can neither justify nor afford such an asset.

If you are one of those organisations who see the value of such a professional but are unable to justify the resource In-house, we have the perfect solution – for a small monthly fee we can offer you all of the benefits of an In-house Data Protection Professional with none of the overheads.

Here is a brief overview of our remote support packages, however, if ‘off the shelf’ is not what you need, then just get in touch and we will tailor a solution to meet your exact requirements.

Ad-Hoc Silver Gold Platinum

Phone / Email support


green tick green tick green tick green tick

eBulletin updates

green tick green tick green tick green tick

Policy documentation

green tick red cross red cross green tick

Priority Attention

red cross green tick green tick green tick

Audit at preferential  Rates


red cross red cross green tick green tick

Training at Preferential rates


red cross red cross green tick green tick

Minimum contract hours per month

0 2 3 4

Carry forward allowance to next month


N/A red cross 50% 75%

Minimum Monthly Fee

The agreement is for a 12 month contract, the following are payment options
Monthly invoice / payment N/A 0% discount
Quarterly invoice / payment N/A 15% discount
Annual invoice / payment N/A 25% discount

1. Email and Phone support is available 9.00 – 5.00 on normal working days excluding bank holidays and the specified period between Christmas day and first working day of the New Year.
During times of unusual demand a small delay may be experienced in a consultant responding to your enquiry, but the enquiry will be attended to within 10 working hours of receipt.
2. An individual quotation will be issued for audit requests
3. Contract hours are provided on a ‘use it’ or ‘lose it’ basis. However, with Gold and Platinum plans, where the contract remains in force, a specific percentage of hours can be carried forward to the following month. Hours cannot be borrowed or transferred from future months.