Pseudo Data Protection Officer


Every organisation which holds information which can identify a living individual must comply with the Data Protection Act.

These duties usually fall to a Data Protection Officer or Data Compliance Officer. They are usually a senior member of the team who has the authority to ensure that all processing is performed within the 8 Data protection Principles, and has sufficient knowledge to predict issues before breaches occur.

For organisations who do not have the requisite knowledge, time or inclination, we can act in that position for you.

One of our senior consultants will act in that capacity and cover such areas as:-

  • Performing a Risk Assessment to identify potential breaches
  • Ensuring policy documentation is in place and fit-for-purpose,
    including review of Privacy and Cookie Polices
  • Advising on Physical and Cyber-Security to protect personal data
  • Ensuring adequate training of staff is in place for their level of involvement
  • Signposting to reputable third party suppliers where appropriate
  • Annual onsite audit (if appropriate) to ensure continued compliance
  • Helpline during office hours
  • Notification of changes to legislation
  • Predictions of future changes

Information governance and compliance is easy when you have the Griffin House Consultancy on your team

How does GDPR affect you? read our information sheet now

Pseudo DPO Iceberg 600