Data Protection eLearning Course – sample video of course

Our Introduction to the Principles of Data Protection is delivered as an eLearning course over 1 – 1.5 hours depending on how long the learner chooses to take the course.

The course is delivered in three parts: –

  1. You watch 8 short informative videos, at the end of which you ..
  2. Take a short quiz of between 5 – 8 questions and finally ..
  3. You take the final exam of 20 questions.

eLearning courses are a very cost effective way of delivering training and meeting your legal obligations. The courses are already competitively priced and greater discounts are available for multiple licenses.

Below is an sample of the content within the course and also screen-shots of the tests: –

Sample footage from the courses:

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Still screenshot from Part one talking about cyber security:

eLearning Quiz Screenshot 2

Dashboard showing what videos and quizzes have been taken:

eLearning Quiz Screenshot 1

Sample of a multiple choice question:

eLearning Quiz Screenshot 3

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“Brilliant, really enjoyed it, don’t normally like e-learning but this kept me captivated and interested, the course was not to long and I did not feel at anytime pressured”