In-House Data Protection Training – more cost-effective than you think.

The majority of our clients find that the range and depth of our various public courses fully meets their Data Protection training requirements. However, if you have large numbers of staff to train, have confidential issues to address or just need something a little more specific, we will tailor a course or workshop to your exact requirements.

Just like a hand-made, high quality Savile Row suit, one of our experienced senior Trainers will take time to get to know you, understand your exact requirements, appreciate what you are trying to achieve and then make suggestions as to how you can achieve that goal.

The Courses are delivered by data protection professionals in an engaging and innovative way designed to aid easy learning and facilitate the long-term retention of this valuable information.

Real Case Study

Understanding the positive benefits of good governance both in terms of brand reputation, trust and safeguarding the organisation, hearing about our reputation a publishing approached the Griffin House company to help them educate their entire team, all 100 staff, from office junior to senior executives. The goal was simple, change the philosophy and culture within the organisation in relation to data protection, governance and data privacy.

Our trainers facilitated multiple two hour workshops over 4 days and created a real buzz about privacy. The increased awareness resulted in team members voluntarily taking on the role of compliance ambassadors and proactively looked to identify security issues.  A positive compliance culture was created and employees were actively encouraged to volunteer suggestions and contribute to open and passionate dialogue regarding brand image, trust and reputation.

We can deliver one of our recognised certified courses on your site, or mix-and-match any relevant content to achieve a more custom-made experience. In-House courses are held at a time and location to suit you, and have the added bonus of absolute confidentiality.

Significant savings are made on venue costs and staff travelling time.

Reasons for In-House courses or workshops


  • flexible
  • any content,
  • significant savings
  • convenient
  • private and confidential
  • time saving

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