In-House Training Courses – Examples


The majority of our clients find that the range and depth of our various public courses fully meets their Data Protection Information Governance, Risk and Compliance training requirements. However, if you have large numbers of staff to train, have confidential issues to address or just need something a little more specific, we will tailor a course or workshop to your exact requirements.

Reasons for choosing In-House courses, workshops or seminars

  • Flexible,
  • Any content, subject matter or topic
  • Significant savings (discount offered for not having to hire hotels/conference centre)
  • Convenience (no additional staff travelling costs, hotel bills or meal expenses)
  • Private and confidential
  • Time saving


Level 2 Certified Course

A client had approximately 30 staff to train, half of which were administrative, half were sales oriented. They had some cultural challenges with some members of the team not appreciating why Data Protection was such an important issue, and also, they were aware that some of their existing services were not currently compliant with existing Data Protection Legislation.

(it must be said that this is the reason for the training, to take them from non-compliance to full compliance).

The client ran the training in-house at their own premises over two days. A 20% discount was given for hosting the course, staff did not have to travel to different locations, and being run over two days the company could continue to function whilst progressing their aim towards full compliance.

The Griffin House Consultancy only use professional, knowledgeable compliance specialists who not only understand governance law but also commercial pressures. They soon had the sales team on board as they identified the positive reasons for compliance and how this can benefit a company, brand reputation, market-share and profit margins. The closed session allowed for an open, honest and sometime robust exchange of views which would be difficult on a public course.

All staff went away informed, empowered and many enthusiastic ambassadors for good governance. 100% of the Learners took and passed the certified exam, adding to the due-diligence defence of the organisation with the ICO in the event of a data breach.


Governance Workshop

A publishing company wanted to educate their entire team, all 100 staff, from office junior to senior executives, to really buy-in to the company philosophy of data privacy.

Our trainers facilitated multiple two hour workshops over 4 days and created a real buzz about privacy. The increased awareness resulted in team members proactively identifying security issues, volunteering suggestions and created an open and passionate dialogue regarding brand image, trust and reputation.

Each of the sessions comprised a mix of delegates with varying skills, knowledge and abilities and brought stakeholders from various levels of the organisation together who would not normally mix. The expert facilitation of the trainer and and the encouragement of interaction between delegates made for fun, informative and interesting workshops, the legacy of which lasted long after the training had ended.

Significant savings are made on venue costs and staff travelling time.


Presentation & Q & A Session with the board

The Griffin House Consultancy were invited to present a 3 hour workshop to the board of a multi-national organisation from their HQ in London, but with web-conference links to their offices in the Isle of Man, Canada, Italy and Spain.

The Workshop involved the presentation of a wide range of compliance and risk matters together with a Q & A session at the end.


We can deliver one of our recognised certified courses at a location of your choice and at a time to suit your operational needs, or mix-and-match any relevant content to achieve a more custom-made experience.

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