Bespoke Data Protection Workshops and Seminars


Bespoke Tailored Workshops – delivered right to your door

90% of the time our innovative and comprehensive ‘off-the-shelf’ certified training courses, workshops and seminars match the client’s requirements perfectly.

However, some clients have specific individual requirements which need a tailor-made solution.

It could bee that they:-

  • Require 100% confidentiality in the training
  • Require a different workshop for each of their internal departments,
    for example Sales may require more focus on positive reasons for good governance and how it can affect the bottom line.
    Junior members of staff may require more entry level training whereas the Board may want an intensive Q & A session.
    Fundraising and Marketing may wish to focus more on PECR requirements and consents and permissions
  • Require a mix and match session covering data protection, compliance, information governance and auditing skills.


Great value for money

As you are in essence hiring the services of an experienced trainer for the day you can use (and abuse!) our trainer to suit your very specific circumstances. You may choose to run a single workshop over the whole day, run two workshops of 3 hours or four workshops of 1 hour, the permutations are endless.

Our professional, experienced and enthusiastic trainers will guide you and build the course, however, YOU ARE IN THE DRIVING SEAT.

As we are bring the show to you, you can chose the date. time and location to fit it with your operational needs.

Speak with one of our senior trainers – call Paul or Mike now on  +44 (0)1673 885533 now