This intensive certified course designed to prepare Learners to become the Data Protection Officer for their organisation, will explore all aspects of existing Data Protection legislation including relevant Privacy, Compliance and Risk issues and GDPR.

By dissecting and exploring the relevant legislation in detail, and using case studies together with real life examples, this course will provide all of the skills and knowledge required of a DPO or compliance officer.

Duration & Delivery

6 days in total, tutor lead & e-leaning module.


The course is delivered in three stages, 3-day of tutor led instruction, 4 week eLearning module and a further 2.5 days of tutor led instruction with exam on last afternoon.
A maximum of 15 Learners is permitted per course.

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Organisations which hold sensitive personal information are both targets for cyber-attack and subject to human error. This Level 3 course will empower Learners with the knowledge they need to protect their organisations from the increasing threat of penalties and sanctions.

  • Avoid financial penalties and sanctions
  • Comply with legal obligations
  • A competitive edge on your competition 




Data Protection Training Level 1
Data Protection Training Data Control - Level 2