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Hi, thanks for wanting to know more about us.

We are The Griffin House Consultancy and we are Data Protection & Information Governance Consultants, Auditors and Trainers.

In our minds we are like warriors, and we are in a war, a battle to protect our clients and keep them safe. History is littered with heroes (and heroins); think Gladiators, Ninjas, Musketeers, Us! OK, maybe that is only in our minds, but we are on a mission…

From a very early age both Paul and Mike, the Griffin House’s very own Musketeers, had a very strong sense of right and wrong. At times they freely admit that it causes them Challenges as they hate to see injustice, sometimes exhibiting classic Victor Meldrew ‘I can’t believe it’ personality traits when people are not playing by the rules.

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‘We are  far from perfect’ says Paul, ‘and by any measure do not always get it right, whatever ‘It’ is!, but it is this sense of justice which drives us, and that is why we are passionate about Data Protection, it is the reason we love good governance and this is the reason we work our hides off to help our clients achieve the highest possible standards in Information Governance.

So if you are looking for an awesome auditor, terrific trainer or governance gladiator,  just give us a call; Paul or Mike would be absolutely delighted to help you in any way we can.

Our mission is to help our clients manage their Data Protection, GDPR and Information Governance responsibilities. In addition to being compliance specialists, our consultants are highly experienced business professionals who take a whole-view and holistic approach to Information Governance. Unlike some consultants who focus purely on cyber-security or processes, procedures, policies and terms and conditions, and what you are NOT allowed to do, we balance compliance with commercial practicalities.

As in life, BALANCE is key; we recognise that a balance must exist between risk, compliance and competitiveness, and we offer practical solutions to real-world issues.


Paul Adams and Mike Martin are the owner Directors of the Griffin House Consultancy and we have been managing, training, teaching and consulting on Data related matters for over 25 years each. We pride ourselves on our ethical credentials and our honesty; every service we offer is delivered with integrity, creativity and humour.

Have you ever wanted to call a company but found their phone number buried behind pages and pages of FAQ’s? not us

Call us now on +44 (0)1673 885533

Whether you just need some quick advice on Data Protection, would like to find out more about how we can help and protect you, or want to arrange for a compliance audit or training course, call us now,  you will find a friendly warm and enthusiastic reception to every enquiry.

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