Case study – Compliance Audits


GDPR Gap Analysis / Data Protection Audit


Adelphi are a company that specialises in healthcare, market research, outcomes and medical communications. For over thirty years, Adelphi have successfully supported the development, launch and marketing of pharmaceutical brands worldwide, across most therapeutic areas. Due to the nature of their business, they are heavily regulated and thus need to ensure that their organisation is compliant. 


When the Adelphi Group began their GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) journey back in 2017, it was vitally important that the organisation and its team were up to date with their data compliance knowledge and were practicing in line with the GPDR by the May 2018 deadline. They needed someone to kick-start the process for them and guide them through the minefield that is GDPR. 

Adelphi were looking for data compliance consultants who were commercially aware, qualified in the subject matter and spoke common sense (they didn’t want lawyers!) Whilst they consulted with a few data compliance organisations, it was after a phone call with Paul Adams of Griffin House Consultancy that Adelphi knew they had an organisation that would take a risk-based approach and had an ethos that was in line with their own organisation.


Griffin House Consultancy were commissioned to carry out a gap audit of Adelphi as well as provide a number of training courses for staff members, from junior to board level. The employees found Mike and Paul to be good fun to work with and helped them overcome any barriers to their knowledge. They enjoyed their risk-based approach to data compliance, rather than focusing on the clauses in regulations, which got the attention of the board of directors. 

There was even a point where Griffin House Consultancy went beyond the call of duty to help the Adelphi Group when they were asked to speak at a market research conference. Mike joined Christine Dunbar, of the Adelphi Group, to educate attendees about how the company were implementing their GDPR audit, thus helping them raise their profile.


With the support of Griffin House Consultancy, Adelphi Group have been able to overcome the barriers that came with GDPR coming into effect. Mike and Paul provided them peace of mind and the confidence that they are doing the right thing and, most importantly, they have enhanced their knowledge around good data governance.

Christine Dunbar of the Adelphi Group said:

“We were delighted to have Griffin House Consultancy provide us with a wide range of data compliance services on the run up to GDPR. Mike and Paul are both fantastic to work with and extremely knowledgeable. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them and we’ve even recently commissioned them again to provide us with some more training around compliance to help update our knowledge.”