Case study – Data Protection Training


GDPR Gap Analysis and Data Protection Training


Aimmune Therapeutics, Inc., is a bio-pharmaceutical company developing treatments for life-threatening food allergies.Biotech and pharmaceutical companies represent a heavily regulated sector, dealing with large amounts of data and therefore data privacy regulations are very important. The introduction of GDPR meant Aimmune was obliged to re-evaluate their privacy procedures


The Challenge Aimmune needed to understand the implications and impact of GDPR but felt following a legal route to explore this would not be ideal. Aimmune sought a company that could guide them through the legal aspects, understand their environment, and being willing to adapt and learn about their industry.

Due to Karen Hue’s (Director of Quality Assurance at Aimmune) long standing relationship with Mike and Paul of Griffin House Consultancy, she had confidence in recruiting them for data compliance support, and in their ability to deliver a high-quality product.


Griffin House Consultancy were commissioned to provide Aimmune with both a gap analysis and Level One Data Protection Training for their employees.

Aimmune were delighted with Griffin House’s willingness to understand their industry, and their ability to provide pragmatic solutions to their GDPR challenges. What stood out about the training courses to staff members from Aimmune was Griffin House’s ability to translate ‘legal jargon’ into a format that all could appreciate and understand.

They found Paul and Mike to be professional and approachable, and commented that they took the time to make sure everyone understood and completed the course with clear knowledge and understanding.

The Outcome

Due to Griffin House Consultancy’s support, Aimmune knew exactly where to dedicate their time and energy to ensure GDPR compliance.

They wanted clear advice and that is what was delivered. Griffin House also provided Aimmune with a structure to help them communicate and work with non-EU colleagues.

Karen Hue of Aimmune said:

“Mike and Paul’s professional approach was one of the reasons we decided to use Griffin House Consultancy. We didn’t want a company that was too legal oriented but still needed someone who understood GDPR and could help us understand it well. We would definitely use them again and constantly recommended them to other organisations.”