Case study – Remote support service


Remote support (Consultancy) / Data Protection Training


Since 1994, DBS Data have delivered compliant data solutions that drive better campaigns for businesses and brands. They support their clients with data challenges, including customer acquisition, data management, prospect databases and market research.

As data is the core of their business, compliance always comes first and they aim to meet the highest compliance and data ethical standards including ICO, GDPR & the DMA. It is vital that they stay ahead of legislation and best practice to ensure their employees are not only knowledgeable, but can help, advise and guide their clients through the data compliance landscape.


When GDPR was first talked about coming into force, DBS Data knew they wanted to turn this new regulation into an opportunity (rather than see it as a threat) so they could support their clients – they wanted to embrace good data governance and ensure they were doing everything right.

After attending a data protection event, Adam Williams (Managing Director and CEO of DBS Data) knew they needed some professional help and someone they could rely on. They didn’t want lawyers as they wanted a balanced approach to GDPR and data compliance, rather than a risk-adverse approach.


When carrying out some online research, DBS Data came across the services of Griffin House Consultancy through LinkedIn. Following a meeting, DBS Data felt confident in commissioning Griffin House Consultancy due to their previous knowledge of the data solutions sector, their accessible approach and their ability to explain the legislation in a way that could be easily understood.

DBS Data chose Griffin House’s Level 3 Data Protection Training Course to help improve their employees’ knowledge. While data protection is often seen as a dry and dull subject, employees of DBS Data found Griffin House’s training style unique – they were able to make the day not only fun and engaging, but most importantly, the employees of DBS Data were able to take on board and truly understand good data governance.

Following the training, DBS Data also signed up to Griffin House Consultancy’s support service for ongoing assistance for any data compliance worries or if overflow support was required.


By embracing good data governance with the support of Griffin House Consultancy, DBS Data have seen an increase in sales over the last 18 months. They believe this is down to making compliance their USP and by being able to support clients who want to be compliant with their data. While many of their competitors have struggled over the last 18 months and more so since GPDR has come into force, DBS Data have been able to turn GDPR into a profitable opportunity.

Adam Williams of DBS Data said:

“Our vision at DBS Data is simple…to be the most trusted source of compliant, innovative data solutions. With Griffin House Consultancy’s support, we’re even closer to reaching that goal. Data is what we’re all about and when we first heard of GDPR, we knew we had to either embrace it or let it seriously impact our operations. Thankfully, we decided to embrace it and due to Mike and Paul’s expert training and advice, our business is thriving and we feel confident we can support our clients who want to be compliant.”