Client Testimonials

Thoroughly enjoyed the course, very surprised how much I remembered at end. Good teaching

An effective, convenient and accessible course, addressing the fundamentals of the Date Protection Act

Essential know how for anybody concerned about what they are doing with peoples personal information

Excellent Course Content , I loved it.

Very informative course and if you work well with having small quizzes at the end of a video then you will enjoy these courses very much!

Paul, thank you very much for yesterday, all the feedback has been extremely positive and as I said yesterday you amazingly managed to turn what could be an extremely dull subject into something we could all engage with for a full day.

Big thank you to Paul for providing extremely useful and engaging training for Data Protection. I now have the correct information to implement appropriate data control at our business and can inform other team members what is needed from them when managing data. Would highly recommend the course!
Marketing Manager

It is rare to find someone with such experience of data, data handling, its role in marketing/operations whilst combining the ability to train and deliver comprehension and passion in their courses. Paul has it covered. Griffin House’s Data Protection training is top class, informative and will futureproof all UK businesses who handle data. Recommended! ++
Founder & Owner eMedia Company

Recently attended a Data Protection Course – Paul Adams knowledge and experience, together with his patience and honed people skills, made for a very informative and enjoyable day. Happy to recommend to all involved with personal data.
Finance Manager and Director

Recently attended my first event run by Griffin House Consultancy and cannot recommend them enough. The workshop was very informative, but also interactive so you could really get involved. Presenters were friendly but not over enthusiastic (which can sometimes be a pain). Really learnt a lot of information that I can now go on to use when advising clients. Will definitely look to attend another event in the future.

Client Services Director

A very informative course, Mike engaged the audience and was able to make a potentially dry topic very interesting. It is clear that both Mike and Paul are very knowledgeable and draw on their experiences to provide both an insight from both the point of view of the law as well as commercially.

LPO Manager

I’m happy to recommend this provider internally and to my business partners.

Director of Legal services (UK)

This was a really useful beginners course to start us thinking about how we treat our data protection. There was loads of helpful nuggets of information that I hadn’t realised until I took this course.

Brilliant, really enjoyed it, don’t normally like e-learning but this kept me captivated and interested, the course was not to long and I did not feel at anytime pressured.

A highly authoritative and informative training course packed with practical examples drawing on a range of business categories, which will be very relevant for anyone processing personal information in any capacity – which is after all pretty much anyone engaged in business today

I found it very interesting and have gained a good understanding from it. Everything was explained clearly and examples provided were related to our industries in order for us to understand better.

It was a good day, a lot of information & the coursebooks were well presented and useful

Intensive and informative, I expanded by knowledge vastly

I enjoyed the intermittent referencing of the text and revision books and sentences- it generated thought, encouraged engagement and of course conversation.

I found the whole course interesting and very informative.

During my recent attendance at a Griffin House Consultancy DPA course, I found the course content to be excellent, highly informative and relevant to my job role.
The Lecturer was extremely helpful and explained very clearly the course material and was very aproachable if you had any queries.
I would recommened the course to anyone looking to learn about Data Protection.

When one hears’ Data Protection Course’ they don’t automatically associate it with excitement and fun. However having been to assist with my own running of business, I cannot recommend highly enough. It takes skill to deliver mundane yet critical content in a dynamic way; Griffin House achieve that.

Great course, very informative but be prepared for the intensity

Managing data for clients is something we do everyday and it is important that we abide by the rules.

Paul was able to provide us with a helpful and extremely useful course that made understanding the Data Protection Act easy and because of this, we have implemented tighter data management rules in house

Mike presented a taster session on data protection at one of NBV’s Biz Ex Events, a tough order to fill in a short space of time. The session was absolutely fantastic, Mike’s delivery style was engaging, insightful and very enjoyable. We have a diverse range of businesses, all at different stages at our events and the feedback from delegates was extremely positive.

I would highly recommend this course to at least one person in even the smallest of companies, as I learned a huge amount about other issues that I never even connected with Data Protection. In these days of ever-improving technology, it is vital to keep up to date and try and stay one step ahead of those who try to steal data for whatever purpose and this course will teach you the basics of what you need to know to put in place sufficient measures to prevent it.

Overall this was a great course, well delivered. Well done Griffin House.

Good balance between lecture time and practical learner involvement via the quiz book system

Exceeded my expectations- would highly recommend to any business looking for advice on data protection

Paul was very knowledgeable and although it could have been a dull topic it was presented in an engaging and effective way

The data protection level 2 course was extremely useful and will benefit us as a business as well as our clients. All businesses should take this course to ensure they are keeping their client data safe, secure and adhering to the law.
The one day course was great, really interesting and engaging and didn’t drag whatsoever! Griffin House will answer all your questions and they make sure everything they teach is put in to context so you can apply it to your business. Thanks guys!

Everything was put in to context and having time to ask questions and discuss things in a way that was relevant to the businesses in the room was great.

Having found myself in a unique position regarding a Data Protection Act issue, I have received excellent service and advice from Griffin House Consultancy.

I cannot recommend Mike highly enough

Highly reliable, professional and friendly service 100% of the time

I attended one of these workshops by Griffin House and found out so much – I like my clients to know they are protected because I’ve taken the trouble to learn about a subject that involves us all. Good value – look forward to taking part in a refresher course soon!

I attended the Lincoln course run by Admar in May. In light of the huge fines being awarded to companies who fall short of the Data Protection Act requirements, this course is a must for small business owners and very good value for money. As a Virtual Assistant, I handle my own business data and also my clients data. Ensuring I comply with the DPA is essential to building and maintaining trust with my clients that their data is safe in my hands.

The Principles of Data Protection Level 2 Course that I did with Admar and Paul Adams was very useful for my business. It allowed me to learn what I needed to do to remain compliant with the law, in a very practical and easy to understand way. I came away with a ‘to do’ list of things I could implement in my business straight away.

Gave good background info an will help our company improve the way we handle all data

High standard of training, precise and to the point. Exactly what I was looking for.

A detailed course covering all the required aspects of level 2. The course was delivered in a very professional manner in terms that were easily and clearly understood whatever the starting knowledge base of the attendee. A must for any individual responsible or requiring an understanding of the Data Protection act. I thoroughly recommend.

Before attending the course i was slightly bewildered with the DPA principles but after attending i now feel armed with the knowledge to deal with any such issues. I cannot recommend this course enough Many thanks to all

During my studies as an Accountant and Company Secretary I found that the Data Protection Act was mentioned but not covered in detail. Having attended this course I have now realised just how important it is that Companies understand and comply with this Act and the consequences if Companies don’t. The course provided me with the material and knowledge I needed in order for me to implement the relevant up to date policies and procedures within the Organisation to ensure compliance with the Act.

Easy to follow and made relevant to job role

Found it engaging and was impressed by knowledge of trainer

I found Mike to be very knowledgeable and happy to fully discuss any issues raised.

I thought that the handouts and mini quizes were really helpful to get the information to sink in. It is also really helpful to hear about real life situations to put everything into context.

It was very well organised the whole day was informative

I would recommend this course for anyone who has any responsibility for data at any level. I felt I had a good understanding before the course but it helped provide clarity for some of the trickier principles, add some additional knowledge and Mike’s examples gave some new ideas for best practice! Mike was friendly and very knowledgeable, the course content was very well delivered.

In manner the course was well presented together with the pace at which it was delivered with excellence .

It was a fantastic day and I felt very well informed at the end of the day. Paul was full of relevant anecdotes which made the information much easier to absorb.

It was interactive rather than just having information imparted.

It was not too boring considering the subject matter and I felt at ease to be able to ask questions

Mike was a great guy and knew his stuff….

Relaxed and easy going nature of the tuition kept it light and enjoyable whilst still being informative.

Several things. Firstly, the quality and content of the lecturing was excellent – informative, inclusive (of all delegates) and discussive. Secondly, the fact that this was a full day. So often what is billed as a day’s conference turns out to be three or four hours of heavily padded content, but this was a truly full day. Thirdly, the group size was ideal – not too large and not too small. And finally, the venue was easy to get to and had plenty of convenient parking spaces.

Superb course that made a potentially dry subject enjoyable, prompting interesting discussions and much thought.

Very clear and consise, the pace was good and the handouts excellent reference tools

Very concise and easy to grap key points

Whilst I have previous experience of the DPA, I felt the course was pitched at a level suitable for most people (either as a refresher or introductory course)

A clearer understanding of Data Protection, however, it would have been good to get specific answers to our departments particular issues.

The course was well defined, comprehensive and interactive. Any natural reticence to sitting in a training room all day was overcome by a collaborative, discursive atmosphere and a helpful, knowledgeable trainer.

This course is highly recommended and should be attended by all office managers

The course has given me a better awareness of data protection and dispelled many myths.

This Data Protection Course was the best value training we’ve invested in for a long time. The training material was very comprehensive and was presented to a thoroughly professional standard. Paul, the trainer, was clearly knowledgeable on the subject of Data Protection, and was happy to discuss, debate and clarify points with the delegates. I would happily recommend this course.

The Griffin House Consultancy provided a very useful and informative course on the Data Protection Act, with knowledgeable tutors and excellent learning support and facilities.

An entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable way of learning the basics of the Data Protection Act. A course to be highly recommended for both the trainer’s professionalism, knowledge and humility. Great value for money too!

An excellent course. Data protection can be a scary subject. At the end of the course I feel much better equipped to deal with data protection in my organisation. Its still a scary subject but I now have a clear plan and a good understanding of what we need to do to meet all the requirements. I would highly recommend it.

A lot of information to take in, but splitting into sections then doing the revision questions re-enforced the learning.

A useful and fun day which is taught in a way that ensures you understand and remember the key elements of the Data Protection Act. I feel confident I now know what I need to know for my industry

ADMAR delivered this course in an extremely relevant and specific way to our organization, applying the legislation with specific to our company and our day to day tasks. The day was extremely interactive with many areas taking the form of group discussion which increases knowledge and understanding. Thanks to Mike and all the Admar team for their time.

A huge amount of information in one day. Perfect when you have a busy job and cannot take time out.

A huge amount of information packed into the day clearly and concisely. excellent trainer.

Data Protection is a complex subject to get to grips with and for most of us it is not necessarily the most thrilling topic for a training course! However, Admar manage to deliver it in such a way as to not just make sense of it but to make it enjoyable as well!

Data protection is not the most exciting subject to spend a day talking about but it was broken down nicely and was delivered well, the knowledge was available and the course booklets with a few questions along the way helped retain the information.

Easy going but very informative and engaging, having the quizzes enforced what we were learning which really helped i feel understand the subjects better

As Facilities Supervisor I found this course to be worthwhile as it has now made me more knowledgeable of DATA PROTECTION Acts & Rights not only for and on behalf of the Responsibility and the Position that I hold within my Company but also the Rights of a Member of Staff and including a Living individual .

As a refresher course I found it most informative. Mike led the course well, he explained points clearly and was happy to answer questions as and when necessary. I would have no hesitation in recommending ADMAR.

Examples used to illustrate the principles.

The tutor was very knowledgeable and engaging.

The quiz to review each section was very useful and supported the learning process.

Good presenter, relevant information, good structure.

Excellent content, delivered in a easy, understandable way.

Friendly atmosphere – all were treated with respect and all were encouraged to participate.

Good day, full on so be awake, very interesting and informative, came away with some ideas to implement.

Happy to recommend the day’s course. Highly informative and of great benefit to me and my employer.

Helped me gain more of an understanding on the subject of data control

I found the course to be very informative irrelevant of which position or level of the business you are at. Paul was very knowledgable on all aspects of data collection and management and his passion and experience certainly made the training more effective and beneficial to the audience. I would have no hesitation in returning for other training seminars or recommending Admar to other people looking for training on Data Protection.

I have done Data Protection courses in the past and haven’t come away feeling that I understood the requirements, but the course tutor really explained things well and I came away confident that I fully understand the principles of Data Protection and the requirements for our organisation.

I liked the workbook exercies, think they broke the course up nicely and kept your interest.

I found the course very useful. It was a long day, however, Mike made it so, I didn’t lose my attention span by mid afternoon.

I found the course was presented very well in a way that is east to follow and produced good questions and discussions as a result.

I found the course to be very informative. The tutor was extremely knowledgeable and used an excellent range of examples to answer queries and support the group discussions.

I think trainers make courses. When you look at the subject matter, it’s not something that you would think would be interesting but Mike managed to evoke interest with ease.

I thought it was an interesting day and I learned a lot. It is an excellent way to understand the details of data protection and apply this knowledge to day to day work activities.

I was surprisingly pleased with my ADMAR training course, Paul Adams made an otherwise dry subject informative and interesting. I would recommend it to other employers that need to ensure their staff have a good awareness of the issues surrounding data protection.

It was detailed enough without overwhelming people (though at times there was alot to take in).

It gave a very clear, basic understanding of the principles of the Act.

I was very impressed with the structure of the course. The content and the revision guide/booklets supplied. I felt that all my questions were answered. Mike was an excellent teacher and easy to listen to. I would defiantly be interested in other courses available and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend ADMAR.

In all honesty I thought it was going to be very dull! However, because I was able to draw on real examples and ask questions in relation to my own organisation and experience, and more importantly the lecturer, could answer them; it made it far more interesting and very worthwhile.

Interactive aspects and discussions. I also liked the activity book as I agree with your principle that writing and ‘thinking’ for yourself really helps to increase understanding in addition to the listening and discussions.

Interesting course, a worthwhile day out form the office!!

It was lively, a reasonable pace, the trainer knew his stuff, stopped excessive talk by any one delegate and was both approachable and easy to question. Mike also admitted when he wasn’t sure about an issue which was refreshing. He has made contact since to update me on my questions. That is a service you don’t often get with a training company and I am very appreciative.

It was very relevant and wasn’t longer than it needed to be. It gave all the information you required without going over the same points multiple times, which I realised was a difficult task when with data protection, but was done very well.

It was presented very well in a clear and uncomplicated way.

The trainer was clearly spoken and easily understood and clearly knew his subject very well and kept our attention throughout.

Very good idea covering a section and then doing a section in the revision book.

It was relevant to our day to day use of data and what we do with it.

It was well delivered, making it easy to ask questions and learn as the day went on.

I’ve remembered what was taught

Mike’s approach to learning and the way that he inducted the course

Left course feeling I had worked hard but had learned valuable information. The Trainer was excellent and enthusiastic which encouraged me to push concentration to to very end of the day. Well done!

Making a subject that at first glance isn’t that engaging, fun.

Knowledgeable tutor who was able to answer specifics and gave really worthwhile examples of the impact and relevance

Practical advice in plain, accessible language.

That it enabled people to relate it to their current activities and whilst digressed somewhat still managed to keep to a schedule. Also the questionnaire workbook helped to cement

Reference booklets really helpful. Quizes throughout the day, help committing detail to memory.

The booklet was useful and the on-going tests throughout the book helped to learn.

The breadth & depth of the content was fantastic, covered so many aspects of the principles of Data Protection. It was delivered in a way that was both interesting and engaging and allowed for plenty of learner interaction. A course I’d highly recommend.

The breadth & depth of the content.
Delivered in a way that was both interesting and engaging.
Smaller groups allowed for more interaction.
The Course Handbook was very informative and easy to follow, It will be a very useful handbook to have at work and will be very handy to go back to for reference.
The revision book was also a good idea as it gave us a chance to test ourselves against elements of the Act that we had just covered.

The content was provided in a methodical manner which helped understanding of the subject

The course was very informative and thought provoking. There was plenty of opportunity to ask industry specific questions and it gave a thorough coverage of all of the many issues to consider. It was well delivered and memorable.

The course was really well put together and the trainer was excellent in both making sure that everyone was on the same page and in pacing the content. The whole experience made it very easy to understand and remember the information and I feel confident that I can now use what I’ve learnt to ensure that myself and my organisation abide to the Data Protection Act properly.

The course was very informative and well presented. It has certainly increased my awareness of Data Protection and the laws that surround it.

The course was very informative. The tutor and handouts provided were very good and I would definitely recommend attendance.

The course was well delivered, by friendly and professional people.

The delivery of the course from Mike Martin was professional and informative.

The handouts and quizzes throughout held your attention and kept you focussed.

The logical progression through the subject and the discussions around specific issues within our organisation that we were able to relate to the content of the course.

The opportunity to explore with colleagues the practical application of the legislation.

The quiz book/revision aid, as without this I don’t think I would’ve been able to remember the information. There was a lot to learn in one day.

The tutor was fantastic in his delivery and the course notes and guidance booklets where very well presented.

The training was to the point, clear and concise. Paul, who delivered the training was very knowledgeable and friendly; happy to answer questions but also kept the group on track and on time!

The tutor really knew his stuff and answered our own individual queries and work situations while making sure we hit all the necessary course content.

The Tutor was very explanatory.

The venue and catering was excellent, and the information learned was useful

The way it was presented and how the discussion on the later principles wasn’t overbearing but instead related back well to what we had already heard.

The way it was presented. It was made to be interesting with a variety of resources being used. Enjoyed the quiz book. Trainer kept my attention throughout.

This was our first experience with Admar, we needed to ensure we had a very clear understanding of Data Protection and the one day course took us from knowing very little about the act to becoming almost an expert in the area.

The trainers are certainly experts in their field and ensure that pace and learning keeps you alert and also entertained.

The whole thing, very easy going.

Trainer was very nice and easy to get on with. Venue was great. Food was lovely.

Tutor used real life examples well to make the information relevant

Very informative, especially with the social interaction aspect with other delegates.

Very informative, with good explanations of all sections.

Very well structured, liked the fact that after every part there was chance to fill out the revision booklet and the guide was very useful.

Was easy to understand and answered queries specific to individual companies and situations

Well presented and informative, didn’t deviate from the topic

What an interesting day, well done Paul for making what could have been dry motivating and relevant.

Paul is a highly focussed task driven manager with a very good knowledge of marketing and related fields. He greatly impressed a number of our students with the work he did with them.

Paul was very helpful, he is very knowledgeable and very professional, a pleasure to deal with.

What Paul doesn’t know about data protection and the data protection act isn’t worth knowing. Hire Paul to make sure you stay the right side of the law, and ensure that your data is well protected. Such a great guy too.

Paul is a forward looking person, expert in his field and capable of enthusing others. His calm exterior and easy manner make working with him a pleasure.

Paul is very professional and has a good knowledge of his subject. I was a member of a marketing club which he started and gained a great insight into the world of marketing through this club, which has helped me to push my business forwards.

Mike is one of the most caring people I have ever met who will go out of his way to help, support and encourage all those he comes into close contact with and with who he forms a mutual respect. It matters not whether they are potential business colleagues or whether they are his peers, Mike aways makes the time to offer valuable advice to anyone seeking his help and is alway able to offer a plethora of problem solving options whatever the issue may be. In summary – Mike is just a brilliant person

Mike is a warm and caring human being, who has been incredibly helpful, supportive and completely encouraging. He has made our move to Lincoln a splendid experience and has enabled me to meet and network all the people who will help me develop my business and profession effectively. An absolute gem!