Digital Marketing and the Law (PECR) Workshop

Empower your staff with fundamental GDPR and DPA knowledge

Digital Marketing and the Law (PECR) Workshop

This workshop is a perfect solution for organisations looking to keep your team up-to-date with their constantly evolving legal responsibilities relating to electronic communications and digital marketing.

Workshop Overview

This half-day workshop delivers essential information to your employees in relation to PECR or the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations to give them their full(er) name. These regulations sit alongside the UK GDPR and govern, as the name suggestions, all electronic communications. The flexible method of this workshop means that it can be delivered either on site or remotely, according to your needs, without losing any of the relevant details.

Duration – 3 hours, either 9am-12noon, or 2pm-5pm. There is the possibility of 2 sessions per day.

Delivery – Workshops are suitable for Public or Private organisations. To keep it relevant, a maximum of 15 delegates per session to allow for engaged interaction.

Format – Workshops are delivered by experienced data protection professionals. This course can be delivered effortlessly at your business premises or remotely online via Zoom. Every attendee receives a certificate of attendance or if the optional test is taken, a certificate of achievement, both of which will evidence that they have undertaken the workshop.

Audience and Progression

This Digital Marketing and the Law Workshop [PECR] is suitable for Public or Private organisations. Maximum of 15 delegates per session to allow for engaged interaction.

It is ideal for people in Digital Marketing Roles but also any other members of your team involved in any of the activities mentioned in the course summary below.

This workshop is designed to bring your staff up to speed with understanding their responsibilities towards PECR. Employees need to be aware of what constitutes electronic marketing, what legislation applies to it, and how to stay on the right side of the law whilst still being able to utilise these marketing tools productively within your business.

Workshop Content

Each of the subjects below is broken down further, if you want to know if something very specific is included please just ask.

Summary of subjects covered:

  • Privacy legislation
  • What legislation applies to electronic marketing?
  • Electronic marketing – the rules
  • Key marketing activities:
    o Phone calls (live)
    o Phone calls (automated)
    o SMS
    o Instant messaging
    o Promotions
    o Competitions
    o Fundraising (lotteries etc)
    o Websites
    o Cookies
    o Webforms, eNewsletters and Email broadcasts
    o Social Media (including advertising, pixels, retargeting)
  • Data sharing
  • Google analytics
  • Guerilla Marketing

How to apply – Get this Digital Marketing and the Law (PECR) Workshop for your business by contacting our team.

GDPR workshop being delivered


  • Clarify and demystify
    Staff will fully understand the differences between GDPR and PECR and when each applies
  • Empower your staff
    Allow your staff to have a fundamental knowledge of digital marketing law and how to apply it
  • Impact Assessments
    Know when to perform data protection and legitimate interest impact assessments
  • Reduce risk and improve trust
    Knowledge reduces risk of Reguslator sanctions damage to brand reputation
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