GDPR Awareness Workshop

Empower your staff with fundamental GDPR and DPA knowledge

This acclaimed GDPR Awareness workshop is designed to bring your staff up to speed with understanding their responsibilities towards GDPR. Employees need to have an awareness of the impact that GDPR has on businesses, this half-day workshop delivers on that. In short, our engaging course intends to get your DPO’s phone ringing with enquiries.

To keep it relevant, the maximum number of learners per course is capped at 15.

GDPR workshop being delivered


  • Empower your staff
    Allow your staff to have a fundamental knowledge of GDPR and how to apply it
  • Strengthening brand & client trust
    Build trust with your clients and show that you have their best interests in mind
  • Identify vulnerabilities
    Spot any vulnerabilities before they have the chance to become costly, complex issues
  • Enhance professional development
    Data protection is now a legal necessity in most job roles, it’s an important skill to acquire
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