Information Asset Owners (IAO) Workshop

Demystify the jargon and learn about your responsibilities

In all medium and larger organisations, every information asset should be assigned an owner. This is usually the head of a department. Unfortunately, they rarely have adequate knowledge on how to manage this asset despite the serious responsibilities it holds. This workshop aims to educate them on these responsibilities and, should an incident happen, what actions they need to take due to a data breach.

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24th May 2022

Virtual Workshop - May 2022

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  • Defining information assets
    Your staff will understand what their assets are and their responsibilities to them
  • Develop practical skills
    Learn practical tips on managing your assets and how to discharge your duties
  • Protect your business
    Recognise what actions are required to mitigate harm in case of a breach
  • Tailor-made workshop
    Each IAO workshop is made to fit with your unique business policies & structure

Each workshop is designed by our trainers to be relevant to your organisation’s specific data protection policies and structure.

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