Level 1 – Introduction to Data Protection (Third Sector) Fundraising and the Law

Ideal for beginners or for annual refresher training

Course Summary

This is our introductory level course, fine-tuned to cover the nuances of operating within both the Third Sector and Not for Profit organisations.

Often the nature of relationships with your more vulnerable service users can be highly sensitive, so your sector is, quite rightly, highly regulated to ensure safeguarding of all concerned.

The data governance responsibilities of charities and fundraisers can be extremely complex with a need to consider the personal data collected on a wide range of individuals from Trustees, paid-staff, donors, service users, volunteers, partner agencies and government officials.

This short and engaging course empowers learners with basic data protection knowledge, thereby protecting data subjects, the organisation and yourself.

Additional bespoke modules tailored to your specific organisation can be created.

Reduced rate to support our friends in the Third Sector

The fees for the course are much reduced starting at just £8.00 for a single licence reducing in volume down to an affordable £5.00 per licence (our normal level 1 course for commercial organisations is £28.00 reducing downwards). Sadly, fees are still plus the dreaded VAT.

The massive difference in pricing is so that we can support our friends within the third, not-for-profit and charity sectors.

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For a sneak preview of the course have a peak at this video