Level 2 – Marketing and the Law – Foundation Course in Data Protection

For individuals involved in (or who are responsible for) marketing within your organisation

Course Summary

This certified course explores the essential elements of both data protection and privacy legislation, applying these directly to your organisation’s marketing activities in order to minimise any potential legal hiccups in the context of the ever changing legal landscape of individual’s privacy rights.

Over the many years of delivering data protection training, we have been asked countless times for further information that applies specifically to marketers. As a result, we have created a course to specifically address this legal niche, covering everything from the developments in email marketing and social media, all the way through to traditional marketing elements such as postal mail or cold calling.

Where organisations have the requirement for bespoke training modules that are specific to your business to be integrated into the course, this can be provided.

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5th Jul 2022

MAL Virtual Course July 22

13:00 - 12:00 This virtual course comprises of 2 training sessions and an online exam. the dates are as follows:

Part 1: 5 July 2022 13.00 - 16.30
Part 2: 13 July 2022 09.00 - 12.30
Online Exam: 18 July 2022 11.00 - 12.00
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  • Legally compliant marketing campaigns
    Enabling you to legally and effectively target customers with personalised messages
  • Empower your team with knowledge
    An awareness of responsibilities gives rise to greater data protection and privacy
  • Strengthen brand & client trust
    Best practice marketing methods that do not damage your organisation’s reputation
  • Clarity and Peace of Mind
    Know that you are on the right side of the regulations when you communicate with potential customers
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