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16th August 2019 | GDPR | glasses on a notebook

GDPR and ‘Right of Access’ – How much information are your customers entitled…

In Germany, GDPR guidance concerning ‘right of access’ to personal data is well-known for being …

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2nd August 2019 | GDPR | glasses on a notebook

The ICO has updated guidance around the use of cookies

It’s been a long time coming, but the ICO has finally published its long-awaited Cookie …

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22nd July 2019 | Data Protection | Data Protection Act 2018 | GDPR |

A record ICO intent to fine for BA’s hacker devastation – £183m

If you’ve glimpsed at the news lately, you’ll have probably seen the huge devastation that …

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8th July 2019 | Data Protection |

Political campaigns and micro-targeting

Whenever it gets closer to election time, you may notice that the amount of political …

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17th June 2019 | Regulator Penalties & Enforcement |

ICO crackdown on nuisance calls reaches 100-year milestone

Be careful who you annoy with your misuse of marketing tactics, not only could it …

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24th May 2019 | Information/Cyber Security | glasses on a notebook

Are your fraud detection systems leaving you vulnerable?

Back in 2014, Morrisons had a security incident with a disgruntled member of staff. Within …

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20th May 2019 | GDPR | glasses on a notebook

Why GDPR compliance is worth the effort

Now that 12 months have passed since the introduction of GDPR, emerging research has started …

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18th April 2019 | General | Computer code on a computer screen.

Huge fine for careless data sharing and mishandling

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11th April 2019 | Information/Cyber Security |

Ransomware attacks could hold your data hostage any time

Imagine reading this message: “Your files have been encrypted with the strongest military algorithms… without …

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27th March 2019 | General | Information/Cyber Security | Amazon Echo dot with the mic button highlighted.

Is it an issue if Alexa gives my data to big businesses?

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14th March 2019 | GDPR | A stack of cookies.

Is your cookie policy GDPR compliant? 

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28th February 2019 | General | USA flag blowing in the wind.

EU-US Privacy Shield Update: Will It Survive? 

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