Compliance Consultancy

Have you ever been part of something that just worked? Something that was just right and perfect? There is nothing better than that feeling right there, right then.

Our Consultants are able to contribute to your team so that in the areas of Data Protection, Information Governance and Data Compliance you can achieve that level of satisfaction, that sense of achievement and contentment.


In the 25 years within which we have been offering our services, we have meet very few organisations which did not deeply care about Data Protection. Many genuinely wanted to protect the personal data of their clients, others realised that Data Protection and ‘TRUST’ is the new distinguishing feature of reputable business, and others identified that compliance with data protection principles made commercial sense and protected them from litigation and financial penalties.

We can help

Whatever your core reason for compliance, the Griffin House Consultancy is able to assist you in achieving your desired outcome. Information Governance is a core function of the fiduciary duties of directors and CEOs and we can help support the delivery of these legal duties.


Our Consultants work hand in hand with our clients giving them advice, support, guidance and encouragement.

  • Knowledge, experience & wisdom
  • Protect your organisation
  • Cost effective oversight


Are you Ready?

The groundbreaking GDPR Data Protection Regulations came into force in May 2018. Are you compliant yet?
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