Large Corporations

Auditing, Consultancy and Training, tailored to Large Corporations

With a bigger client base comes bigger responsibilities.

Large Corporations have much more complex logistical and legal compliance systems which require timely management and robust protection.

With the knowledge and experience to protect your organisation from all weaknesses and harm, our thorough audits, engaging training and consultancy services help keep your company safe and secure.

Different companies have different levels of knowledge. If you’re wondering whether an email address is personal data or what indeed qualifies as personal data, we can help.  If you want to know something much more complex, for example whether your existing data protection policies and processes are robust, we can help.


Work smarter – With the Griffin House Consultancy taking care of your compliance, you can focus on running your organisation
Extend your team and knowledge – As we become your personal consultants, we become part of your team and expertise
Access to further resources – What is ours becomes yours, enjoy access to further resources and useful information
Avoid penalties and legal issues – Avoid expensive penalties and spot any legal weaknesses before they become issues
Gain a competitive edge – Improve the knowledge of your organisation and employees to stay one step ahead.

Protect your organisation, your clients and your reputation

With 25 years of expertise, data protection, compliance and information governance fields are our speciality. Together, we ensure it becomes your speciality too. Why hire a Data Compliance Officer when you can save money with an outsourced Data Protection Consultant?

We have seen how often legislation, case law, policies and procedures change, and right now it’s more important than ever before to stay on top of your legal compliance. With so much at stake, should a gap in your compliance be found, our specialists will be on hand to take this excess stress off your hands.

Helping you focus on your organisation, saving you time and money

By teaming up with the Griffin House Consultancy, you can continue to concentrate on what’s important – providing your organisation with your own management skill set, whilst we put ours into action for you.

With a team of data protection, compliance, GDPR and information governance professionals working alongside you, there’s no need to spend your limited hours and budget on finding and hiring a full, in-house team.

Working with the Griffin House Consultancy means you instantly expand your organisation, without the overheads.

“A very informative course, Mike engaged the audience and was able to make a potentially dry topic very interesting. It is clear that both Mike and Paul are very knowledgeable and draw on their experiences to provide both an insight from the point of view of the law as well as commercially.”

Why choose the Griffin House Consultancy?

We have the depth and breadth of knowledge to excel in the services we provide, we believe it is this dedication and passion that has helped us build our great reputation.

If you’re interested in using our services then we would love to hear from you. Act now, using the form below or give us a call for more information.


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Our auditing services for large corporations are designed to be more intensive than for smaller companies. We tailor each service to suit your needs, ensuring we not only spot weaknesses but clearly relay that information back to you, as well as suggesting the best ways to fix any issues. Whether you are looking for a GDPR audit, a data protection audit or something more complex, we’re here to help make your organisation even stronger.



Our consultancy services are designed to improve your processes, policies, documents, privacy and data protection. Whether you are looking for a Data Protection Consultant, for GDPR consultancy services or both, we can help. We also help to implement consistent changes and spot any oversights before they become much bigger issues. By being your on-hand consultants we strengthen your organisation, keep you legally compliant and give you major peace of mind in the process.



We love nothing more than sharing our knowledge and passion for data protection, compliance, GDPR help and information governance. Tailoring innovative and memorable training programs to suit the needs of a range of employee levels, from Office Junior to CEO, so that absolutely everybody can benefit from improving their knowledge. And enjoy it too.


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