Auditing, Consultancy and Training, tailored to SMEs

Providing you with complete peace of mind

Not all companies can afford the time and expense of hiring a full time Data Protection, Compliance or Oversight Officer, yet protecting your organisation is vitally important. This is why we’ve developed a menu of solutions specifically for your company.

Our SME services ensure your organisation is fully covered. We can provide GDPR help, data protection advice and conduct a GDPR audit, improving your knowledge and reviewing your data protection plans in order to provide complete peace of mind.

Your organisation isn’t one-size-fits-all, so our services aren’t either

Our services can be as in-depth as you need. We’ll save you time, stress and money, ensuring that there are no gaps in your legal compliance or data protection plans.


Remove confusion – Within complex fields we are just a phone call away to provide you with solutions to the most complex of compliance problems
Become the expert – Our training will improve your knowledge, ensuring you stay one step ahead of your competitors
Give your clients peace of mind – Protecting client’s data is an important part of building and keeping their trust and will help you to grow a loyal customer base
Learn new techniques – We are passionate about using new and innovative ways to share our expertise, supporting you in improving your business practices
Extend your team – When you utilise us as your Data Privacy Consultant, our knowledge becomes your knowledge but without the additional overhead costs of hiring permanent staff.

Need help with GDPR? Do you have questions such as, “What is personal data?”

Whether you’re looking for GDPR advice and are unsure of GDPR audit requirements or you are seeking data protection courses and data protection training, we’re here to help.

Where your organisation lacks knowledge, we can fill that gap for you by acting as your Data Protection Consultant. Why employ a full-time specialist when you can simply pay for an outsourced Data Protection Officer who has 25 years of expertise and knowledge and can deliver what you need, when you need it?

We pride ourselves on our down-to-earth reputation

By channeling passion into everything we do, our training methods and activities have been developed to make your learning easier, more memorable and enjoyable too.

“The workshop was very informative, but also interactive so you could really get involved. Presenters were friendly but not over enthusiastic (which can sometimes be a pain). Really learnt a lot of information that I can now go on to use when advising clients. Will definitely look to attend another event in the future.”

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Useful if you’re interested in finding weaknesses in your data protection, your compliance, GDPR or marketing. We highlight areas you could improve and show you how to get them back on track. We conduct GDPR information audits and a data protection audits to name just a few of our auditing services.



We know that time is money and that you do not have time to waste through explaining your needs over and over again. For this reason, we become an extended part of your organisation, offering full DPO services, as and when you need support. Data protection consultancy has never been simpler.



Our training courses are interactive and innovative. Adding some much-needed fun into a subject that can be seen as very complex. We will help improve your data protection and compliance knowledge in as little as one hour. Data protection training just got much more convenient.


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