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Auditing, Consultancy and Training for the Public Sector

Organisations in the public sector are required more than most to keep their staff well trained. Your high volume of staff means that training is more difficult to plan, even with something relatively simple such as eLearning.

We want to make this process much easier for you.

Are you looking for a faster, more engaging learning process?

Training your staff about the importance of data protection can be taught in an innovative and engaging way so your staff become empowered, impassioned and actively start engaging with the DPO services available, without being instructed.

Our training solutions are cost-effective and our style of training means that we can train all members of staff over a relatively short period of time.


Improving your understanding – Helping you navigate the plethora of complex rules is essential to keep you compliant and safe
Strengthen your structure and culture – Training improves ethos and structure, helping foster an educated and blame-free culture
Harness better solutions – We help identify weaknesses before they become legal issues, thus keeping your organisation safe
Discover new data – How can you protect the public’s data if you do not know what is there? From providing GDPR advice to conducting a full GDPR information audit, we can help
We make learning fun – It’s true, our courses are interactive and engaging, making information more memorable
Tailored bespoke sessions – We tailor our courses to the skill level of the audience, from legal counsel to entry-level staff. Our courses are not fixed or static.

Discover new data files

It’s common for companies in the public sector to have tens of hundreds of disparate datasets and data repositories. If this sounds familiar, we’d like to help you. We can offer data protection advice and help you take control of numerous data files by conducting a comprehensive data protection audit. If you do not know what is there, how can you audit, delete and protect?

Acting as your outsourced Data Protection Officer, we’re here to help you in every aspect, from finding weaknesses to harnessing solutions, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Reduce risks by increasing compliance

It sounds simple but it’s incredibly effective. Our training changes the ethos and culture at the grass roots and helps foster an educated and blame-free culture. This greatly reduces risk and increases compliance, while building a stronger, happier workforce.

Just imagine the extra peace of mind that would give you.

“I would recommend this course for anyone who has any responsibility for data at any level. I felt I had a good understanding before the course but it helped provide clarity for some of the trickier principles, added some additional knowledge and Mike’s examples gave some new ideas for best practice. Mike was friendly and very knowledgeable and the course content was very well delivered.”

Why choose the Griffin House Consultancy?

Both of our directors have experience working within public sector roles. Not only does this give us a greater insight into the challenges you face and the processes you use, but it means we know how important it is to build trust both within the team and with the public.

We want to help you to be fully compliant, avoid any issues and keep your staff in the know. If you have any questions, you’ll always find a friendly voice at the end of the phone, or simply fill in our contact form below.

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Identifying issues is the first step in correcting them, our auditing services for the public sector ensure a thorough and detailed process. We will work together to develop GDPR audit requirements and will relay audit findings to you in a clear and concise way, using a traffic light system and highlighting any weaknesses before they become issues. We help you to plan your solutions too, making you stronger.



Working with the Griffin House Consultancy instantly adds 25 years of data protection and information governance experience to your offerings, without the stress, time and money involved in hiring a permanent Data Protection Officer. We’ll help you understand and stick to the rules, letting you know what you can process, why, on what lawful basis and, crucially, when you can refuse requests. This keeps your authority safe and your business in good hands.



Training staff is particularly essential in the public sector and we do all that we can to make our training fun, engaging and memorable. Who said that help with GDPR has to be a daunting proposition? When it comes to learning something important, we believe that data protection training should be innovative and engaging. We train staff at all levels, aiming to simplify and relay the most complex of issues effectively.


Let us ease your mind

If you have any queries, questions or requests then please get in touch. We’re always very happy to talk, you’ll find a friendly voice on the end of the line or simply fill out the form below.

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