Not For Profit Organisations

Auditing, Consultancy and Training for the Third Sector

As a not for profit organisation, we know that gaining the trust of individual donors, corporate donors, government agencies and also the trust of members or users of the service, is more important than anything.

One of the biggest ways to show your levels of competence and understanding is to protect their personal information. Together, we can show you how.

Do you work with highly sensitive data?

Charities often have highly sensitive data, more so than other sectors, so we know how important it is to protect the data of everyone, especially vulnerable people and children.

By ensuring you are fully protecting your donors, this will improve your confidence, peace of mind and reputation as an organisation.


Building trust with donors – Showing donors and members that you care about their personal data builds important trust
Improving your knowledge – Data protection is becoming more important each year. Our GDPR advice will ensure you are kept up-to-date
Peace of mind that you’re compliant – Be confident in the knowledge that you’re fully compliant, we’ll give you that peace of mind
Protecting your organisation – Organisations can crumble from oversights and exposed data. Acting as your Data Compliance Officer, we won’t let that happen to you
A better organisational structure – The best way to avoid issues is to spot weaknesses before or as they emerge, we’ll do that for you
Flexible and cost effective – As an outsourced Data Protection Officer, we pride ourselves on the fact that we always look out for our client’s best interests and can offer our services without overhead costs.

Training sessions that are relevant and engaging

The use of volunteers means that third sector organisations must also have a very robust training schedule in place, ready to train volunteers and trustees in how to keep personal data safe. Our training sessions are designed to work with your organisation and services, making training more relevant and engaging. We can offer full DPO services without the need for you to spend time and money hiring a permanent Data Compliance Officer.

Peace of mind that all sharing is lawful

By creating a solid structure, you can avoid weaknesses emerging. By introducing oversight and governance, this helps you to work more efficiently, safely and reduces any chances of duplication.

Our third-sector audits ensure that organisations are compliant, that all sharing is lawful, that datasets are identified, records are well kept, and that secret processing is not taking place off-grid.

We’re here to make the entire process simple, effective and to advise you about any vulnerabilities quickly. Learning is best when it’s more enjoyable too.


One of the greatest danger areas highlighted by the Information Commissioner in relation to not-for-profits is with volunteers. Third sector organisations must therefore have a very robust training schedule in place to train volunteers and trustees in how to keep personal data safe. That’s what we are here for.

“When one hears ‘Data Protection Course’ they don’t automatically associate it with excitement and fun. It takes skill to deliver mundane yet critical content in a dynamic way; Griffin House achieve that.”

Why choose the Griffin House Consultancy?

Both directors at the Griffin House Consultancy have worked for or volunteered for various charities, which means we have a better understanding of how the third-sector think. This gives us a unique insight and enables us to better communicate our solutions to any issues.

Our experience is with not-for-profit organisations and charities of all shapes and sizes, so simply get in touch to see how we can help you.

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When auditing a charity, it helps to understand how one operates. Both the Griffin House Directors have worked in, and volunteered with various charities, giving them a unique insight into the depths of areas that require auditing. We know how important it is to fix any weaknesses before they become issues and our comprehensive GDPR audit services will ensure you protect your reputation and the trust of your stakeholders, donors and service-users.



Our charity consultancy service is there to give your organisation support in the areas it needs most. We want to make sure you have the time to focus on the important parts of your organisation, and are given complete peace of mind that the data protection and legal compliances are all taken care of. Focus on your charity and relieve your stress.



There has never been a better time to develop your knowledge and educate your staff on the importance of data protection and GDPR. Improving your knowledge not only builds greater trust with your supporters and service users, but it means you know you’re doing all you can to be caring and compliant too. Our courses are tailored to employees and volunteers of all levels.


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