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We are Data Protection & Information Governance Consultants, Auditors and Trainers.

Both Owner/Directors of The Griffin House Consultancy, Paul and Mike, A.K.A. the Griffin House Musketeers, have had a very strong sense of right and wrong from an early age.

We hate to see injustice, sometimes exhibiting classic Victor Meldrew ‘I can’t believe it’ personality traits when people are not playing by the rules. That’s what makes us amazing auditors, terrific trainers and great governance gladiators, (that, and our sense of humour!).


The mission of the Griffin House Consultancy is to help protect our clients from poor information governance, to enable and empower our learners in data protection and compliance, and to banish the boring.

We balance compliance with commercial practicalities to make learning truly engaging for you and your employees. Helping you is our number one priority.

Our approach to legal guidance is holistic because relevance is absolutely key in making sure learning becomes both useful and memorable. That’s how you benefit.


The Griffin House Musketeers have each been managing, training, teaching and consulting on data-related matters for over 25 years. We pride ourselves on our ethical credentials and our honesty, with every service being delivered with integrity, creativity and humour.

Whether you need some quick advice on data protection, would like to find out more about how we can help and protect you, or want to arrange a compliance audit or training course, simply get in touch.

We build long-term mutually beneficial business relationships, helping you become self-sufficient and able to stand on your own two feet as swiftly and as practically as possible. You will always find a friendly, warm and enthusiastic reception to every enquiry.

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Our Services


Useful if you’re interested in finding weaknesses in your data protection, your compliance, GDPR or marketing. We highlight areas you could improve and show you how to get them back on track. We conduct GDPR information audits and a data protection audits to name just a few of our auditing services.



We know that time is money and that you do not have time to waste through explaining your needs over and over again. For this reason, we become an extended part of your organisation, offering full DPO services, as and when you need support. Data protection consultancy has never been simpler.



Our training courses are interactive and innovative. Adding some much-needed fun into a subject that can be seen as very complex. We will help improve your data protection and compliance knowledge in as little as one hour. Data protection training just got much more convenient.


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If you have any queries, questions or requests then please get in touch. We’re always very happy to talk, you’ll find a friendly voice on the end of the line or simply fill out the form below.

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