Don’t leave it any longer: In January the public will be told their new rights regarding their personal data. You need to be prepared.

6th June 2017European Union flag imposed and blending into the Union Jack

The GDPR is just around the corner. The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation comes into effect on the 25th May 2018, which may sound like a long time away, but like everything, it all comes around sooner than you think.

Brussels have now given businesses all over the UK, yet another reason to be prepared for EU General Data Protection Regulation, after they reveal a plan to launch a huge marketing campaign telling consumers about the new regime.

What’s the campaign about and why should you be prepared?

With less than a year to go, there is no time to waste to prepare for the GDPR. Brussels plan to release a huge campaign to warn consumers across the EU, preventing fears of not knowing about the new GDPR regime or being misled.

European Commissioner, Věra Jourová has shared what her plans are for this campaign:

“I will launch a massive information campaign by January at the latest. It should tell people about the new rights that the data protection reform brings to them… I do not want people to be paranoid. I just want them to know who is handling their data and what he or she will do with their data. I want people to give really conscious consent that can be withdrawn if they so wish.”

Věra Jourová is launching this campaign so individual EU regulators distribute information to consumers about their rights, Jourová wants consumers to know what they need to do if they want to complain.

Businesses need to be preparing for the changes now, by tackling potential issues, they really mustn’t wait until the GDPR regime comes into practice.

There is a genuine concern that GDPR could play into the hands of compensation lawyers, akin to the PPI misselling practice. Irish Data Protection Commissioner, Helen Dixon, previously alerted that the new EU data laws will generate an overload of consumer lawsuits.  Even more reason to get your house in order now.

Is your business prepared? If you would like more information on the GDPR and how the Brussels campaign could affect your business, contact our team of data protection and information governance consultants on 01673 885533 or email [email protected]


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