Home CCTV may need to be registered!

24th December 2014

If you use CCTV for commercial purposes you must register that use with the ICO, however, there is an exemption in that CCTV used for domestic purposes can be used without registration, or in fact any restrictions.

I have always found it strange that a private individual can have a CCTV camera pointed over a neighbours fence watching, and more importantly recording, what they were doing and it was not regulated. If you had young children or a hot-tub you would not be happy. I have also been getting increasingly worried by the number of toy ‘drones’ becoming common in our high street stores, many of which have recording capabilities.

So whilst I have some reservations, I am pleased that the issue is being addressed, by the EU, and the recent ruling by the EUCJ will mean that if a camera on private property views a public area, or an adjoining property, they will in future need to register with the ICO. Presumaby this will mean that neighbours can then make a subject access request? watch this space for updates.

Barnard & Peers have released an excellent article on this subject

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