ICO crackdown on nuisance calls reaches 100-year milestone

17th June 2019

Be careful who you annoy with your misuse of marketing tactics, not only could it mean costly fines for your organisation, but it could mean being barred from running your business all together.

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) are cracking down on nuisance marketing more than ever before. To put a stop to nuisance marketing, the ICO put a ban in place which prevents company directors from running their company for a number of subsequent years.

So far, as many as 16 company directors have been hit with this ban. And, in total, the number of years directors have been banned has just passed 100 years in total (107.5 years). And the issue doesn’t seem to be improving very quickly…

This company has been labelled as the biggest nuisance yet

The latest ban has disqualified one of the worst offenders that the ICO has ever seen since the laws were introduced 15 years ago.

Richard Jones of Carmarthen, South Wales has been barred from being a company director for eight years after his two companies, Your Money Rights Ltd and Miss-Sold Products UK Ltd were responsible for 220 million automated nuisance calls. These calls raised a total of £700,000 in fines that were issued by the ICO and Jones failed to pay them.

David Brooks, Chief Investigator for the Insolvency Service, says this about the legal implications:

“Nuisance marketing communications not only flagrantly breach regulations, but cause untold anguish and grief for a substantial number of people… we can prevent rogue company directors from causing any more harm.”

When did this legislation come into force?

In December 2018, this legislation was introduced which meant that the ICO now has the power to make company directors personally liable for the fines imposed for illegal marketing.

It’s never been more important to ensure your organisation is up-to-date with current legislation, to avoid costly fines or worse, being banned and forced to step down from your current position.

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