Royal Mail fined for sending out unwanted direct mail

27th April 2018Women at table using a laptop.

Royal Mail Group Ltd have recently been hit with a £12,000 fine by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) for sending over 300,000 emails to consumers who had previously requested to opt out of receiving direct marketing. Back in July 2017, they sent emails to 317,014 people who had already explicitly expressed a desire to be taken off the mailing list.

ICO Head of Enforcement, Steve Eckersley said: “Royal Mail did not follow the law on direct marketing when it sent such a huge volume of emails, because the recipients had already clearly expressed they did not want to receive them. These rules are there for a reason – to protect people from the irritation, and, on occasions, distress nuisance emails cause. I hope this sends the message that we will take action against companies who flout them.”

By sending communications to consumers who ask to opt out, you are breaking the law.

And as the ICO have highlighted, you will get fined for doing so.

As the date for GDPR creeps closer and closer, there has never been a better time to ensure your mailing records are totally up to date, to ensure you are totally compliant with the latest legislation.

A fine as large as £12,000 could be enough to wipe out some smaller businesses, and so for this reason it is of paramount importance that you ensure you are only sending communications to people who want to hear from you.  

Here at Griffin House Consultancy, we have a team of friendly and qualified auditors who can help you prepare for the upcoming regulation. We can perform a GDPR compliance audit and GDPR Gap analysis on specific departments, individual offices, or across your entire operation.

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