Do you have a virtual will?

5th December 2014

It never struck me until I read an article by Lexology, but what happens to your digital assets when you die?

Many of us store invaluable photos, documents, music etc in the cloud. My father used to say to me, ‘son, live every day as if it was your last, as one day you will be right’ and so my question is, what happens on that day when you are right?

Without your password loved ones may not be able to retrieve your virtual things, and as us DP aficionados are always banging on about changing passwords every month, keeping a record for your relatives, just in case, will be impractical.

Bruce Willis tried to take Apple to court to allow his iTunes collection to pass on, but I believe he lost as it was only under licence in his lifetime.

I do not have any answers, and I suppose local backups are probably the answer, but just wanted to get you thinking – have a read of this article, it is very interesting.

read the Lexology full article

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