Where is your company data being held?

14th March 2018Overhead image of a table where hands can be seen using a variety of mobile devices.

Many companies use the convenience of cloud-based storage services such as Dropbox or Live Drive to store their company files.

Whilst these services are great for saving space and making sure that files are accessible to other members of a team, these services also tend to sync to local devices such as mobiles and tablets. This means that companies could potentially have thousands of copies of files on private devices without any form of encryption.

This is dangerous for your data protection. Especially if the files contain data from your client’s companies, as well as your own. The chances are local devices are also backed up and now multiple copies of files are held in multiple locations who-knows-where!

When files are not encrypted, they could be accessed by people outside of your company.

It’s not just storage-based services that are putting your information in jeopardy either, it’s the same for popular web-based platforms and management tools such as Gmail, Google Drive, and Slack, all commonly used by companies throughout the world. This software syncs with other datasets, for example, Slack connects to Gmail and can autoflow information from one location to another. This plethora of business efficiency software can become a serious risk in this connected society.

Is business efficiency worth the risk?

Your emails, Outlook files, Excel files and manual notepads could also be accessed if stored or shared across platforms that are not encrypted. People can find data in websites and in MySQL tables that have never been cleared out too.

Do you know where your company data is being held?

Don’t worry, Griffin House can not only help you map your data-flow processes to identify where your information currently is, but we can also help you to manage it in a safe and secure way.

Simply get in touch with our team today for more information. We’re always happy to advise and help you keep your data secure.

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