GDPR Compliance Audit

GDPR Compliance audits and gap analysis

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) became law on 25th May 2018 marked a fundamental shift in data protection legislation.

The GDPR delivered greater rights to individuals on how their data is processed. Organisations have stricter duties of confidence and care, and when it goes wrong sanctions will be punitive.

Are you compliant with the GDPR?

Many organisations will be wholly unprepared for the new regulations, do not be one of them.

Our experienced, qualified and friendly auditors can help you become compliant with regards to the GDPR. We can perform a GDPR compliance audit and GDPR Gap analysis on specific departments, individual offices, or across your entire operation.

Why bother with a GDPR Gap Analysis?

  • Identify vulnerabilities and risks
  • Provide you with a road-map to compliance
  • Ensure your marketing activities are compliant
  • Protect against data loss, sanctions and monetary penalties
  • Safeguard and future-proof your organisation
  • Identify opportunities for improvement
  • Increase efficiency
  • Increase brand reputation
  • Build customer trust
  • Grow your market share

At the Griffin House Consultancy we are not just looking to find fault, we want to help you grow.

Our light-touch or forensic data protection auditing services are the ideal solutions to help you navigate through the compliance minefield.

Audits are product and service neutral, we will offer clear and honest guidance, and always have the best interests of our clients in mind during the whole process.

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