Compliance Elementals

free short & snappy educational videos

Organisations have a legal duty to ensure that any individual who has access to, or processes personal data receives adequate training both when joining the organisation and on an ongoing basis; often the ongoing training gets neglected or proves difficult to provide.


Our Compliance Elementals series is designed to help Controllers bridge that gap by providing a range of free short and snappy training videos which they can drip feed to their staff on an ongoing basis.

We understand that time is a precious commodity and attention spans are limited, we have therefore designed this series of videos to convey the key information your team need to know in all key aspects of data protection, GDPR and information governance and security with each presented in less than three minutes.

The series is not intended to replace your more in-depth and regular training, but intended to provide additional refresher materials and drip-feed the information your team need to know in order to keep personal data and your organisation safe.

New videos are added regularly, to be kept informed of when new videos are uploaded, simply sign up to the Compliance Elementals bulletin service here.


  • Short and snappy
    Each video is less than 3 minutes in length - no padding just essential information
  • Relevant content
    All key elements of data protection and information governance will be covered
  • Engaging
    Vibrant content will maintain the watchers interest
  • Drip fed
    New videos will be released regularly
  • Free to use
    Freely distribute and use within your organistion at no cost.
  • Plain language
    Complex topics will be explained clearly and simply - no legalese in sight.
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The not so small print

The intellectual property of the Compliance Elementals and Bytesize videos is retained by the Griffin House Consultancy Limited (GHC) but organisations are granted a free of charge perpetual license to distribute and use the videos within their organisation to train their own employees. volunteers and partners. No video may be used in any third party offering or commercial setting without the express permission of GHC.