The Challenge

As a charity, the Lucy Faithfull Foundation has a huge responsibility to keep their data confidential. Their culture is built on abiding by best practices. When it was announced that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) would be coming into law in May 2018, it was vitally important to the organisation that they were compliant. However, they knew they needed the help of an external provider to determine if there were any gaps in the organisation’s GDPR knowledge and their processes.

The Solution

After an internet search on ‘data protection trainers specialising in charities’, the Lucy Faithfull Foundation came across the services of Griffin House Consultancy.

After a long discussion with Mike Martin of the Griffin House Consultancy, who they found to be very attentive and understanding, the Lucy Faithfull Foundation felt confident in commissioning them to offer advice throughout their compliance journey. This was due to Griffin House’s previous experience of working within the charity sector, their caring attitude, their ability to take a flexible approach and the way they truly understood the complexity of the organisation.

The Lucy Faithfull Foundation chose Griffin House’s ‘Introduction to GDPR’ training course to help improve their employees’ knowledge, along with a ‘Gap Analysis’ of each department to help them with data compliance going forward. Employees of the Lucy Faithfull Foundation found the training really informative and structured to their needs. They also found that Mike Martin from Griffin House Consultancy was able to explain GDPR in straightforward language so they felt confident they knew what to do to be compliant.

Following the training and Gap Analysis, the Lucy Faithfull Foundation also signed up to Griffin House Consultancy’s Data Protection Helpline for ongoing assistance for any data compliance advice.

The Outcome

Thanks to the ongoing support of the Griffin House Consultancy, the Lucy Faithfull Foundation team is confident that they are abiding by best practices when it comes to data protection and are doing all they can to protect the confidentiality of those most vulnerable.

“Griffin House Consultancy’s ability to provide a one-to-one service for each department has really helped us on the lead up to GDPR as well as since the legislation came into force. With Mike and Paul, we know we have the knowledge and support to ensure we remain compliant. They truly go above and beyond and we would highly recommend their services.”

Annabel Kroeger of the Lucy Faithfull Foundation

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