The Challenge

After the pandemic Retina UK knew they needed to update the training of their team, as of course this is a legal duty. As a charity they are on a limited budget.

Serendipity struck and just as Vanessa Davis, their Development Manager responsible for Data Protection, was considering the charity’s training needs, Griffin House wrote to one of her colleagues and she saw the letter on her desk.

Vanessa then contacted Griffin House and never looked back.
“Mike and Paul were so helpful from the outset. Our charity supports people who are visually impaired and Griffin House were really open to helping us come up with a solution that meant the training was accessible to them too. Nothing was too much hassle. They were so open to being inclusive. Such great friendly people. Both Paul and Mike come from a charity background so were very empathetic and bent over backwards for us.” said Vanessa.

The Solution

Mike and Paul worked with Retina UK to define their training requirements, the best way to deliver it in terms of their limited budget and the outcomes they needed to achieve.

The result was that eight or nine key members of staff did some live online training with Mike Martin, with the rest of the team doing one of Griffin House’s e-learning courses to keep costs down.

“Another of the great things about Griffin House Consultancy is that they do not just stick to a set syllabus. The course was made relevant to us so when Mike delivered it, he made it easy for us to apply to what we do and our processes. He didn’t just read out what he wanted to say – he made it relevant to our jobs so we really understood it. On top of that both Mike and Paul are really nice guys.” said Vanessa regarding the training.

The Outcome

As a result of the training the team are now all up to date. It also became apparent that the Privacy Policy for Retina UK need some work and Griffin House are supporting them with this.

In terms of how Retina UK saw the outcome, this is what Vanessa had to say:

“Some things came out of the training such as the fact that our Privacy Policy needs updating and we are working on that with Griffin House. Any help we need regarding data protection we will always use Paul and Mike. I think they give me extra advice that I don’t even pay for to be honest (not sure I ought to say that!). They really do go the extra mile, they are so incredibly helpful”.

Normally when the team have done some training such as this I get big sighs, but not this time. Everyone loved it. The feedback was brilliant. It has been great to work with a new company that exceeded all of my expectations.

Vanessa Davis

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